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Our Mission: 

At Crisis Intervention Consultants Inc. our main objective is to bring sanity to this chaotic world. We all want a safer world to live in, and we believe it first begins with education.

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Our Team:

Dr. Agi Schenley is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has dedicated her work to Public Safety and First Responders training since 1996.

Robert O’Donnell provides education on work place violence prevention, AB109, crisis intervention, and courses in conflict resolution. He alsofacilitates discussions on gang prevention, intervention, and how to effectively and safely leave a gang once individuals have been initiated.

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What We Do:

CIC Consultants and Trainers are dedicated to educate safe behavioral management techniques and skills as it applies to crisis intervention and prevention.

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Featured Course

Recognizing The Signs

Gang Awareness & Recognition

This course can be tailored for youth in secure and residential programs, as well as county-operated detention centers and community-based programs as well as for educators, parents, and family

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Featured Course

Mental Health Awareness

“Managing The Unexpected”

This 8-hour course is designed for key professions such as law enforcement and other first responders, primary care professionals, nursing home staff, school administrators, and educators as well as faith-based communities, government and private agencies/policy makers, mental health advocacy organizations, families, and the general public.

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